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NGP Texas hosts debate

On Wednesday June 23, the South Texas RGV Next Generation Politics chapter held its first event at the San Benito public recreation center. Here, participating members held a  2.5 hour political debate over the U.S educational system and what kinds of reforms the federal government should take. Several members advocated for increased funding toward resources and supplies, while others insisted technology should be further implemented in the classroom. In addition, other debaters argued that the system must be “flipped on its head”, and the fundamental problem is a lack of student input in the decision making process. Next Generation Politics of Texas has several events planned for the fall, so stay tuned and reach out to the Texas State Director if you are interesting in joining or starting a chapter!

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Template Letter for Inviting Guest Speakers

Writing to invite a speaker for the first time can be daunting, but don’t worry. By using the template email you can’t go wrong. Then have a look at the example letter below to see how it’s done.

A strong letter is not too long and clearly lays out all the important details of the event. It is much quicker to get all the details in the first email rather than have to email back and forth with the speaker later to clear up points.



Email Header: Invitation to appear at [event / organization and location]

Dear [name],

Paragraph one: introductions
● Introduce yourself and your organization
● Have you met before? How did you hear about them?
● Outline event you would like them to speak at, approximate dates, theme, location

Paragraph two: the event specifics
● What is the style of the event?
● Who is hosting it?
● Where is it?
● Will there be other speakers?

Paragraph three: what the speaker would do
● When is it? – date, day, time
● What would you like your guest to talk about?

Paragraph four: what can you offer the speaker
● Ask if the speaker will need anything for their talk
● Will you pay their travel fees?
● Can you offer them accommodation or food?

Paragraph five: sign off
● Be enthusiastic!


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Next Generation Politics Takes on Albany

On Tuesday, June 20th, several members of the Kings Park and North Babylon Chapters of Next Generation Politics had the opportunity to visit the New York State Capital, Albany, and receive a tour of the capital from the office of New York State Assemblyman Lupinacci. Later, the members met with other state officials, including the NYS Assistant Secretary of Education, to share their thoughts on public school education, specifically its government class curriculum.

Students first met with New York State Assistant Secretary of Education, Jamie Frank. Next Generation Politics conversed with Assistant Secretary Frank, later discussing a proposal for a New York State Governor’s Youth Council in addition to potential alterations to government course curriculum to include an increased focus on local government and civic engagement. In fact, following the trip, Joseph MacKenna of the Kings Park Chapter began drafting revisions he would like to see in course curriculum, which will ultimately circulate back to Assistant Secretary Frank.

After their tour, the members were able to watch both the State Senate and State Assembly while in session; they saw how voting is conducted and the procedures followed by each house. The participants found the Senate rather private and

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NGP Of California: Discussion with Milpitas Councilmember Barbadillo


NGP California held its first event on June 10th, 2017 in Milpitas with Councilmember Gary Barbadillo. The event was organized by the chapter located in Milpitas, and four people attended. Barbadillo gave the attendees a tour of the Milpitas City Hall, and answered questions on the various jobs the city legislators have to carry out.

Attendee Peter Henry said that he thought the event was a good opportunity to learn about the city and its inner workings. It was interesting to know what tasks are performed by the city government, he added.

“I thought it was a really great opportunity to get a better understanding of the way local governments are run, and what tasks are performed by different positions within the government,” Henry stated. Attendee Augie DeLuna stated that Barbadillo showed that running a city is a group effort, and people need to participate and become actively aware of local politicians. “Councilman Barbadillo showed us that running a city is a community effort,” Augie said. “The people that live in a city must step up and become responsible aware citizens who voice their opinions through elected officials.”

Next Generation Politics of California is looking forward to

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Mike Floyd: An Interview With One of the Youngest Elected Officials in America Previous

Mike Floyd: An Interview With One of the Youngest Elected Officials in America Previous


The next generation of politicians are beginning to emerge here in America, and 18 year old Mike Floyd is one of them. Floyd is one of the youngest elected officials in the nation, who now serves as a member of Pearland School District’s ISD Board of Trustees. He was elected to the school board position on May 6, 2017 after running against 2-term incumbent, Rusty DeBorde. In a recent interview with Next Generation Politics, Floyd recounted the process and the work that lead to his eventual election.

Floyd’s “engagement in politics since [he] was 14” led him to enter the school board campaign with the knowledge of how the whole “process works.” Prior to his election, Floyd personally ran two congressional campaigns, two city council campaigns, and a state representative race in his county. Part of Floyd’s mission in his own school board campaign was to bring as many “young people into the process” as possible. This manifested in his “entire staff, including [his] manager, strategy adviser, and policy creators” being comprised of high school students. Post election, Floyd is in the process of forming a “student advisory council that works in relation with the

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Next Generation Politics Sponsored by the United States Army

On June 1st, 2017, Next Generation Politics was officially sponsored by the United States Army. First and foremost, NGP must acknowledge one of its energetic and enthusiastic chapter leaders, Brian Femminella, who worked diligently  to crystallize this sponsorship. Next Generation Politics will be working closely with the U.S Army in its future programs and activities. Specifically, to begin, NGP will be collaborating with the U.S Army Career Center of Smithtown, NY. The letter of sponsorship states a full sponsorship of Next Generation Politics, offers assistance at future events, and supports the mission and endeavors of NGP. Pictured above is Brian Femminella with Staff Sergeant Leonor, Mervin L.

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Next Generation Politics speaks with a panel regarding the United States Constitution

On May 31st, 2017, Next Generation Politics had a discussion with a panel legislators, school administrators, constitutional law experts, and journalists regarding the U.S Constitution. The discussion took place at the Suffolk County Legislature, where the group asked a myriad of questions, with several focused on the first amendment and the future of modern journalism. This was an insightful and productive discussion, and it helped in reconciling different perspectives. Through events like this, Generation Z will be prepared to solve the far-ranging and complex issues facing society in an efficient manner.

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Pennsylvania NGP hosts forum with Rep. Turzai

By Ryan Adell 

On Friday, March 5th 2017, the Pennsylvania association of Next Generation Politics hosted a forum at Shady Side Academy with Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Mike Turzai. Over 500 enthusiastic students participated in the forum.

As a Republican representing Pennsylvania’s 28th Legislative District since 2001, Rep. Turzai has a distinguished and respected career, and in 2015 he was unanimously elected as Speaker of the House by his colleagues.

The forum was organized by Next Generation Politics’ Pennsylvania Director, Nick Sawicki. Students had the opportunity to learn about Rep. Turzai’s role in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and ask questions, leading to some interesting discussion.

Next Generation Politics wants to ensure that Generation Z’s voice is heard by representatives on all levels of government and important discussion between elected representatives and young people is fostered. Thank you, Rep. Turzai, for speaking with Next Generation Politics to ensure the development of a more informed and civic-ally engaged generation.

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Next Generation Politics Forum With Legislator Trotta

By Ryan Adell, Next Generation Politics 

On Friday, April 28th, 30 members of Next Generation Politics from across Suffolk County, NY, had a forum with Suffolk County Legislator Rob Trotta (R- Smithtown). The forum took place at the American Legion Huntington Post 360, and the event consisted of lunch, networking among NGP members, and, of course, a thought provoking discussion with Legislator Trotta.

The self-described “tell it how it is” legislator opened the eyes of many of our members on the impact of local government and the importance of being informed. After telling attendees a bit about his background, the floor was open for a question and answer session. Members asked questions that prompted insightful discussion on Legislator Trotta’s views on red light cameras, county fees, the county tobacco age, the opioid epidemic, campaign finance, and sanctuary counties. The nearly two hour discussion ranged from members asking questions and making comments to examining bills.

Legislator Trotta is nothing short of passionate for his work; he told NGP members that he is glad to see young people involving themselves in the process of their government, and encouraged attendees to continue doing so.

During the week before standardized exams, Next Generation

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