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Ryan Adell

Founder & International DirectorNext-Generation Politics
Website: Next Generation Politics


Ryan Adell is the Founder and International Director of Next Generation Politics. Understanding that many of his peers felt distanced from the governmental and political process, Ryan founded NGP to promote civic engagement and bipartisanship among young people. Since its outset in 2016,, Ryan has grown the Next Generation Politics movement into a network of students, elected officials, educators and activists from across the United States and beyond. Encouraging all members to thoroughly understand the decisions being made in government, Ryan hopes to instill a record of bipartisanship and collaboration within his generation – Gen Z – as its leaders begin to come forth.

Frustrated with the strife present in traditional “politics,” Ryan sees the Next Generation of Politics as a future in which young people put the polarization and hostility in “politics” aside to engage a generation in which young people across the world come together to solve problems. Ryan aims to demonstrate that young people can learn from the current generation of leaders, but they can also lead by example.

As a senior at Kings Park High School, Ryan continues to head Next Generation Politics, and he is currently authoring the book, “Our Voices Before Our Votes.”

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