On October 19, 2017, the Rio Grande, Texas, Chapter of Next Generation Politics held a Roundtable Discussion at Harlingen High School South. The three topics discussed were gun control, immigration policy, and the campaign against international terror. Members shared their existing opinions, identified points of disagreement, and worked to find points of common ground and compromise.

Specifically, in regard to immigration policy, the SB4 bill was discussed, and members took their stances on it and discussed ways in which it could be improved.

Once the discussion shifted to the topic of international terror, some members advocated for a new set of multilateral agreements between countries in the Middle East to better combat terrorist groups. As participants discussed their ideas, others served as fact checkers to ensure the feasibility of the ideas presented.

Following the discussion, chapter leaders held an “after action review” of sorts to determine what should be changed at their chapter’s next event to allow for maximum efficiency.