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As of Aug 2018, Civics Unplugged has merged with Next Generation Politics and will be changing our name and migrating to . Next Gen Politics is a student-created, student-led organization that fosters civic engagement and promotes a culture of collaboration and cross-partisanship within Generation Z. Given the alignment in our missions, and the range and reach of Next Gen’s 15+ chapters, we are enthusiastic to join forces.

A Next Generation Politics Interview: Amy Chua on Political Tribalism

By Ryan Adell, NGP Founder/Executive Director

Amy Chua is an expert in the fields of ethnic conflict and globalization and the author of the recently published book “Political Tribes: Group Instinct and the Fate of Nations.” Chua examines the effects of tribal politics and intense group identities abroad, but also the fallout of their increasingly divisive and undermining prevalence at home.

In this interview, I ask Chua about the dangerous trends of the American left and right, and she deconstructs their causes and consequences for the country—and they extend far beyond petty arguments on your Facebook comments.

Ultimately, Chua expresses a conscious understanding of America’s divisions, but a hopeful outlook for a stronger, more united future. You can watch the full interview above. 


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