About Us

Next Gen was founded by Ryan Adell as a youth-led organization in the Summer of 2016. Its founders built a network of chapters across the country and around the globe. Shortly after the founding, Ryan connected with Nick Sawicki, who had recently taking over the Atlas Business Journal, which provided in-depth commentary and news reporting by teens on business, entrepreneurship, and politics. They soon joined forces and branded ABJ as NGP Blog.

Next Gen utilized its blog as a forum for members to share political news, hold town halls with elected government officials, host debates and roundtable discussions, and interview civic leaders. Next Gen’s leaders succeeded in launching and establishing a powerful movement with limited financial resources.

Meanwhile, a group of civically-minded adults founded Civics Unplugged, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2017. Aimed at high school students, Civics Unplugged was founded to provide a forum for non-partisan political conversation–a place where high school students could speak openly while gathering the tools and confidence to allow them to make informed political decisions. Civics Unplugged brought together a diverse and dynamic group of high school students from a broad socioeconomic and racial spectrum, drawing from a range of private, public, and charter schools.

With similar missions and a shared direction, in Summer 2018, Next Gen and Civics Unplugged merged into a single entity under the name Next Generation Politics. Its mission remains the same: to provide information and tools to our nation’s youth, enabling them to fulfill their obligations as citizens and develop into an empowered, politically informed, and socially aware generation.



Jeffrey Silverman


Sanda Balaban

Program Director

NGP Board of Directors

Ryan Adell

Board Member

Akinwale Adebayo

Board Member

Lowell Aptman

Board Member

Rebecca Gamzon

Board Member

Jon Reinish

Board Member

Adam Zurofsky

Board Member

National Student Board

Thanasi Dilos

Director of Technology

Queens, NY

Gracie Doyle

Director of Recruitment

Hailey, ID

Avalon Fenster

Director of Equity and Inclusion

Stony Brook, NY

Katelyn Goodpaster

Director of Social Media

New Castle, IN

Sachi Madan

Director of Partnerships

Seattle, WA

Mateo Portelli

Director of Publications

Las Vegas, NV

Nick Sawicki

Director of NGP Blog

Pittsburgh, PA