The events provide Civic Fellows with opportunities to enhance their knowledge of our political system in addition to local, state and national issues.  Through an in-depth exploration of governance, policy and citizenship, Civic Fellows are exposed to varying perspectives.  Civic Fellows are encouraged to ask questions and are given the opportunity to engage in open discussions in a safe and non-judgmental arena.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Freedom of Expression 2019

February 10 @ 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Roosevelt House

Immigration with Felipe de la Hoz

December 9, 2018
Roosevelt House
On Sunday, Dec 9, 2018, we were delighted to be joined for our Civic Forum on Immigration by Felipe ...

Freedom of Expression – Will Creeley

April 15, 2018
Roosevelt House
Freedom of speech is one of our most fundamental rights as Americans, guaranteed in the First Amendm...

Civic Dilemmas in Infrastructure – Ibrahim Abdul-Matin

February 4, 2018
Roosevelt House
In this Forum, Civic Fellows examines two of these persistent human problems—water and transportat...

Press, Media, and Social Media – Alejandra Oraa

January 21, 2018
Alejandra Oraa is a two-time Emmy award winning anchor and journalist for CNN en Español. Blending ...

Immigration – Adam Strom

December 10, 2017
Roosevelt House
Adam Strom, Director, Re-Imagining Migration, Boston University From our very origins, the human jou...

Voting Rights – Michael Waldman

November 5, 2017
Roosevelt House