On Dec. 2, 2017, the Milpitas High School chapter of NGP held a meeting with Rep. Ro Khanna of California’s 17th district. Attending members spread NGPs mission of civic engagement and bipartisanship to the Congressman and identified several points of potential collaboration. Additionally, several issues were discussed, ranging from bipartisanship in Congress, civic engagement among youth, the 2020 Democratic ticket, sexual harassment, and Obama/Trump voter demographics. 

The congressman talked about two bills he recently passed with Republican congressmen, one about environmental regulations. He also spoke about how young people can get engaged to politics through social media. He talked about the power of social media, and how politicians connect with young people by posting their ideas and pictures on a medium that is used by young people throughout the country.

Rep. Khanna asked the group about their thoughts about 2020 democratic ticket, which prompted a response that advocated a pair with Biden at the top. He also asked the group their thoughts about whether Sen. Franken should resign in the face of his recently rediscovered past. Some raised their hands, however most were unsure about where they stood. 

Overall, the meeting was a great step forward for this California chapter, and its members look forward to engaging with other elected officials – local, state, and federal – as it moves forward.