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As of Aug 2018, Civics Unplugged has merged with Next Generation Politics and will be changing our name and migrating to . Next Gen Politics is a student-created, student-led organization that fosters civic engagement and promotes a culture of collaboration and cross-partisanship within Generation Z. Given the alignment in our missions, and the range and reach of Next Gen’s 15+ chapters, we are enthusiastic to join forces.


Are the actions of Colin Kaepernick justified? Is kneeling for the pledge an act of disrespect or a justified protest? Following weeks of political debate around the nation, largely stemming from the comments of the President, the North Babylon High School Chapter of Next Generation Politics decided to hold a roundtable discussion on this very issue.

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On October 19, 2017, the Rio Grande, Texas, Chapter of Next Generation Politics held a Roundtable Discussion at Harlingen High School South. The three topics discussed were gun control, immigration policy, and the campaign against international terror. Members shared their existing opinions, identified points of disagreement, and worked to find points of common ground and compromise.

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In the back of a small classroom, in a small high school, in a small town, a big conversation was starting. On October 16, 2017, the New Castle High School chapter of Next Generation Politics sat down with Nate LaMar, a local politician, veteran, and international manager for Draper Inc., for a roundtable discussion.

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The Next Generation Politics Chapter of Oxford High School in Oxford, Mississippi recently hosted its first Deliberative Discussion on the topic of the refugee crises occurring in several nations.

The aisle was split, with a divide between how discussants thought countries should react to current influxes of refugees in several countries around the world. The discussion was largely centered around the question of whether or not opening borders could reduce unneeded tension in a nation. Those who opposed ‘loose borders’ made very clear the harms that hyper-immigration could bring to a country’s economy and safety. Several members argued against the aforementioned point, however, stating that nations need to center their focuses on humanitarianism as a whole and not oppress any human being regardless of the individual’s citizenship to a particular nation.

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This month, the Garden City High School Chapter held a two day event on October 11th and 12th. The discussion surrounded the topic of feminism, the political tactics and strategies used by women in power and our opinions on them. Three “main” perspectives were prepared and read before our audience, at which point our chapter’s members chose to align with the perspective that they most agreed with. Afterwards, the floor was open to other opinions, which were also shared with our audience. Due to the topic of discussion, most of the attendees were women, but we did have a few male voices who shared their opinion to balance out any potential for bias. Members were split between two ideas: on one hand, some members felt that it was necessary for women in power to acknowledge and remind voters of their gender due to the disadvantage women may face in political campaigns, but other members felt that women who rely too much on their gender while campaigning end up sacrificing important aspects of their campaigns.

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BY: James Han

A reflective commentary/statement on the recent event. The views discussed in the following article are reflective of the individual participants in this event and not Next Generation Politics.

The Bloomington High School Chapter of Illinois recently held a Roundtable Discussion to discuss several current events and their implications for Generation Z. The topics of this discussion were the merits and demerits of removing Confederate statues from public areas and gun control. We went over some basic facts and statistics concerning the amount of Confederate monuments that exist in the United States as well as when they were built. We also provided data on the amount of hand guns and semi-automatic guns that are circulating in the United States.

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The Kings Park High School Chapter of Next Generation Politics recently interviewed Nadya Okamoto! Nadya is a sophomore at Harvard College and – at the age of 19 – a candidate for Cambridge City Council! In our interview, Nadya discussed her experience thus far as the youngest candidate in the Cambridge City Council race, her campaign’s platform, and her opinions on civic engagement and other issues. Check out the video of our interview with Nadya and subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

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Last week, the Istanbul (Anatolian Side) Chapter of Next Generation Politics hosted a ‘Mock Election Simulation.’ An electorate of chapter members was created, with three candidates running for the office of President of the Republic of Turkey for the 2019 election. Overall, candidates spoke of the importance of stability as well as Turkey’s ties to neighboring countries. Speeches were made by the candidates with time allotted for questions from the voting body of members.

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On October 10th, 2017, the Commack High School Chapter of Next Generation Politics hosted a debate that included the issues of the unbalanced levels of respect towards the U.S. flag in reference to NFL ‘Take a Knee’ Protests and the extent of the 2nd Amendment and what it stands for. Participants were divided into left – people who generally support social equality and egalitarianism – and right wings – people who generally support traditional and social orders and hierarchies. Each wing provided an opening statement for its side, then, one at a time, each participant recited his or her thoughts and ideas about the issue being discussed. Once this discussion concluded, each wing provided a closing statement.

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On October 11th, 2017, the Northport High School Chapter of Next Generation Politics hosted a Roundtable Discussion, covering issues ranging from the NFL ‘Take a Knee’ protests to gun control. Participants were each given a thirty second block to state their personal views, followed by a group discussion shortly after. Members found many areas of agreement in both topics, but also several to disagree over. More importantly, however, was that members learned the importance of civilly sharing conflicting ideas, especially in such a tumultuous political climate.

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