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As of Aug 2018, Civics Unplugged has merged with Next Generation Politics and will be changing our name and migrating to . Next Gen Politics is a student-created, student-led organization that fosters civic engagement and promotes a culture of collaboration and cross-partisanship within Generation Z. Given the alignment in our missions, and the range and reach of Next Gen’s 15+ chapters, we are enthusiastic to join forces.

By Ryan Adell, Next Generation Politics 

On Friday, April 28th, 30 members of Next Generation Politics from across Suffolk County, NY, had a forum with Suffolk County Legislator Rob Trotta (R- Smithtown). The forum took place at the American Legion Huntington Post 360, and the event consisted of lunch, networking among NGP members, and, of course, a thought provoking discussion with Legislator Trotta.

The self-described “tell it how it is” legislator opened the eyes of many of our members on the impact of local government and the importance of being informed. After telling attendees a bit about his background, the floor was open for a question and answer session. Members asked questions that prompted insightful discussion on Legislator Trotta’s views on red light cameras, county fees, the county tobacco age, the opioid epidemic, campaign finance, and sanctuary counties. The nearly two hour discussion ranged from members asking questions and making comments to examining bills.

Legislator Trotta is nothing short of passionate for his work; he told NGP members that he is glad to see young people involving themselves in the process of their government, and encouraged attendees to continue doing so.

During the week before standardized exams, Next Generation

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By Ryan Adell, Next Generation Politics 

On Thursday, April 27th, several members of the Harborfields chapter of Next Generation Politics sat down with Suffolk County Legislator William Spencer (D – Huntington) for a discussion.

NGP members explored several pertinent topics with Legislator Spencer, including his role and responsibilities as a legislator, and his views on energy drinks, cigarettes, teen involvement, drinking water, and local zoning projects.  Discussions like these will ensure that young people, who are future voters and elected officials of tomorrow, value the facilitation of discourse between elected officials and constituents.

​Moving forward, Next Generation Politics is looking forward to organizing similar discussion forums – the conversation never stops![/html]

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By Ryan Adell, Next Generation Politics

On Wednesday, April 26th, Joseph MacKenna, Kings Park Chapter Leader, spoke on behalf of Next Generation Politics at a public hearing at the Islip Town Hall.

The hearing was regarding the Heartland Town Square Project, a proposed $4 billion plan that would, if approved, revitalize the 452 acres of the former Pilgrim State Psychiatric Hospital property into a walkable community square complete with shopping, dining, and entertainment options, as well as rental and office space choices.

Next Generation Politics believes that public hearings are a vital part of government and citizen life, as they ensure an open and direct line of communication between government and citizen.

NGP is proud that its members have shown the enthusiasm to attend public hearings and make their voices heard!

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By Ryan Adell, Next Generation Politics

​​On Tuesday, April 25th, several members of Next Generation Politics attended the General Meeting of the Suffolk County Legislature. Members observed all the aspects of the meeting unfold and gained knowledge on their county government, because, as many legislators have noted, county government decisions are, in many cases, the ones that affect people’s lives the most.
With all levels of government making decisions every day, elected officials on both sides of the aisle have encouraged young people to involve themselves in the process of government and politics. This is the goal of Next Generation Politics – to involve young people in the process of government – and attending the Legislature’s General Meeting is a perfect activity to effectuate this goal.

Ryan Arranz, Long Island Director of Next Generation Politics, spoke about NGP during the public portion of the meeting. Following his statement, several legislators expressed interest in collaborating with NGP moving forward. It is certainly heartening to see elected officials enthusiastic about mobilizing young people. As a nonpartisan organization, Next Generation Politics is focused on fostering a culture of political understanding and activism, and to ensure young people, particularly high school students,

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By Ryan Adell 

On Wednesday, March 29th, 2017,  several members of Next Generation Politics toured the Suffolk County Legislature, met with several legislators to discuss pertinent issues, and participated in a mock legislative session.

Members promptly arrived at the legislature in the morning, and after a brief breakfast, the tour began. Participants first received a compelling presentation from Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco and Legal Counsel to the Legislature George Nolan, along with a tour of the legislature. Following this, NGP had the opportunity to engage in conversations with Suffolk County Legislators Krupski, Anker, Martinez, Kennedy, and Trotta, as well as Presiding Officer DuWayne Gregory and Deputy Presiding Officer Robert Calarco. Members fielded a myriad of questions regarding education, public safety, public health, operations of the legislature, and more. However, a common thread throughout the  legislators’ expressed sentiments was the the emphasis on the importance of youth involvement in government and the political process. All legislators encouraged Next Generation Politics members to take an active role in their community, to call their legislators with concerns, complaints, and suggestions, to read proposed bills, and to, ultimately, remain informed citizens.

In the afternoon, members took on the role of

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On Friday, January 27th, Next Generation Politics hosted a student debate at the South Huntington Public Library. Participants debated the topics of the Electoral College v. the Popular Vote and Democratic Socialism v. Capitalism in teams, with two all-star debaters selected to participate in a Lincoln-Douglas (head-to-head) debate as the final round for each topic….

​The event was cosponsored by the League of Women Voters of Huntington; members of the LWV moderated the debate and registered several eligible students to vote. The judges of the debate were New York State Assemblyman Chad Lupinacci and Suffolk County Legislator Steve Stern. Next Generation Politics members had the opportunity to speak with both of these elected officials following the event to discuss public policy and the roles and responsibilities of the county and state legislatures. Members appreciated the opportunity to begin the discussion and are looking forward to continuing it at future events.

Overall, arguments on both sides were energetic, well-prepared and insightful, and Next Generation Politics is looking forward to upcoming debates and town hall meetings! Keep an eye out on social media and our website for updates!

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By Noah Rothstein

Tom Suozzi and Jack Martins battled it out for the final time on November 1st to muster up as many more votes as they can get before Election Day. Next Generation Politics had the privilege to attend the final New York 3rd congressional district debate and generate two of the questions…

To kick off the night, the candidates were asked NGP’s first question on how they would be able to unify both political parties and re-engage the nation’s youth in the political process. Later on, the candidates were asked NGP’s second question on how they plan to make public and private college tuition more affordable. Overall, the candidates performed well, appeared to be well educated with current issues and had numerous qualifications. Tom Suozzi is the former mayor of Glen Cove and served as Nassau County Executive from 2002-2009. Jack Martins has represented the 7th district in the NY State Senate since 2010 and served two terms as mayor of the village of Mineola from 2003-2011.

Both candidates shared similar views when it came to illegal immigration and lowering the corporate tax rate. Additionally, they both spoke about who they would be voting for in the presidential

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