Imagine this: there’s an uncompromising rift in your household. Your mother and brother invariably want to order pizza for dinner, while you and your father never cease to demand sushi. No other options. Just pizza and sushi.
You don’t understand why anyone would want to eat pizza, and, frankly, you don’t care why; you just want your pizza. And, worst of all, the blasphemous pizza-lovers of your family make no effort to understand your fascination with sushi. You’re constantly in a zero-sum game.
This is how American politics feels to many frustrated members of Generation Z – two “sides” – what’s typically dubbed the “Left” and the “Right” –  holding their agendas close, both unwilling to offer an inch of compromise. It’s like a football game, everyone with unyielding loyalty to one of two teams. This system, of course, leaves out those who deny absolute allegiance to just one side.
This is why Next Generation Politics has partnered up with Better Angels, an organization working to depolarize America; we recently co-hosted a podcast with the organization to examine what it means to be “liberal” and “conservative” for Generation Z.
I co-hosted the podcast along with Ciaran O’Connor of Better Angels; our guests were two NGP members, Avalon Fenster and Ryan Arranz, who identify as liberal and conservative respectively.
This was a very interesting and fun conversation that shed some light on how self-identifying liberals and conservatives perceive one another versus the reality of the situation. I encourage you to give the talk a listen! Enjoy!