Who is Generation Z?
Everywhere you go, you see teens with their electronics out. They’re listening to music with headphones, and they have their Macbooks out. On their smartphone, they are checking their Sapchat or Instagram, and on their computers, they are working on school assignments. This is the rise of the newest generation: Generation Z (also referred to as the iGeneration)
By the end of this decade, Generation Z will be entering the workforce .
The search for internships:
This generation, which is about one fourth of our nation’s population, is looking for internships or jobs. Being characterized as entrepreneurial and independent world changers, this generation possesses a variety of skills, mostly in the technology industry. Product development, information to technology, and software development are trending topics among this generation. They hope to enhance our world with the power of coded programs and technologies.
Born into Technology
Generation Z is looking for jobs in business industries, but most of them tend to search for jobs in the IT department. It is no surprise that most Gen Zers who are searching for internships have programming experience. With computers and technology being a part of their everyday lives, they have become masters at utilizing them to develop code. Since they were born with the internet, Gen Zers are adept researchers, who know how to self-educate themselves and obtain information. Thirty-three percent watch lessons online, twenty percent read textbooks on tablets, and thirty-two percent collaborate with classmates online.
This generation spends forty-one percent of their time outside of school with computers or mobile devices, compared to the only twenty-two percent 10 years ago, according to the Sparks & Honey report. Researchers wrote, “They suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) more than millennials, so being socially connected is critical”. Indeed our world is become more and more connected these days, especially with tech savvys who have learned how to navigate the internet. Forty-six percent of Gen Z is comprised of digital natives who are connected 10+ hours a day.
 The most popular and fastest growing industry for this generation would be the technology industry-check out the top job openings for Gen Z:

  1. Computer and information systems manager:
  2. Environmental engineer
  3. Financial planner
  4. Human resources manager
  5. Information security analyst
  6. Interpreter or translator
  7. Market research analyst
  8. Registered nurse
  9. Software developer
  10. Statistician

Make their experience meaningful
Being born after 9/11 and during the rise of terrorism, this generation has seen people suffer a multitude of tragedies. Sixty percent of Gen Zers want to change the world for the better (upfront analytics). Roughly one in four Gen Zers volunteer. It is important to make sure that these young interns feel that they are positively contributing to society so that they can continue to give their heart and full effort in each task assigned. Making them feel that they are contributing to society will help improve the productivity of the working environment.
Intraprenuers are those who are leaders and managers in innovative product development and marketing. These are two main traits that this generation has to offer.
Intrepreneurial rates well above the bubble of 15 years ago, the resurgence in the entrepreneurial spirit only grows with each new generation, given their access to an unlimited supply of information, resources and mentors via the Internet at a younger age.
Good Multi Taskers
With five pieces of technology on the sides of this generation- a smartphone, TV, laptop, desktop, and iPod/iPad – Gen Zers know how to manage their time and multi task on different assignments. They don’t like to be left with nothing to do, and always keep themselves occupied, even if it is meaning that they are glued onto their screens, searching their Instagram or snapchat posts.
Workspace Style: Technology, Privacy
As stated above, it is clear that this generation is a master at dealing with technology. It is important during their workspace to give to them the tools that they are most familiar with.  Handling social media content would be a reasonable task to assign the young interns. Eighty-one percent of teens have social media and are great media influencers.
Although Gen Zers are overconnected, they prefer to work independently- Dan Schawbel, the founder of Millennial Branding, told Business Insider. “This generation is very individualized. While millennials seek mentors, Generation Z is more about helping themselves.”
Gen Z has amazing time management, which is apparent through their multitasking. Managers who approximate deadlines help this generation manage their time efficiently and complete tasks with quality efficiently. This generation works best when they are given a time frame.
Key Takeaway
I have touched upon the characteristics and strengths that our newest generation can provide to our businesses today. Please note down the skills that they have to offer and understand how they can effectively be involved in your company and culture. The way you choose to fit interns in your company can positively or negatively impact your company’s success, so it is important to understand how to optimally use Generation Z’s talents in an effective manner.

Photo Credits: By SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (Flickr: Teens sharing a song) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons