Last week, the Istanbul (Anatolian Side) Chapter of Next Generation Politics hosted a ‘Mock Election Simulation.’ An electorate of chapter members was created, with three candidates running for the office of President of the Republic of Turkey for the 2019 election. Overall, candidates spoke of the importance of stability as well as Turkey’s ties to neighboring countries. Speeches were made by the candidates with time allotted for questions from the voting body of members.

Ultimately, chapter member Efe Ozkan won the election. Members of the Istanbul Chapter who participated in this event stated that Efe was an appealing candidate because of his generally optimistic – but also stern – stance on the issues he discussed.

Following the Mock Election, attendees held a brief Roundtable Discussion regarding separatist movements within Europe and Asia; together, they deduced the underlying causes of these movements and how particular nations, such as Spain, should handle them in a safe and effective manner.

NGP Turkey has suggested that other Next Generation Politics Chapters host Mock Election simulations, as they are an interesting and interactive way to begin to mobilize young people to consider seeking political office.