An open letter to Senator John McCain of Arizona:

Dear Senator McCain,
As 2016 spiraled out of control, I, as a concerned citizen, feared for the future of our country. Not simply because my own political beliefs and affiliations differed from those in power, but because America had become as polarized and divided as ever after the aftermath of 2016 and unpromising future that 2017 held. Divisive rhetoric dominated the White House and the media itself found itself undermined while trying to serve the very purpose of democracy, all further dividing our country.
Thus, I’d like to commend you, Senator, for not being afraid to fall back into party lines. I’d like to thank you for constantly taking a stand for what you believe is right and not being afraid to cross party lines to co-operate and do what is best for our country. In the year that brought out the absolute worst of people on both sides, I appreciate stepping out beyond to challenge others by voting unconventionally on issues such as healthcare and immigration.
However, with this in mind, there is a pressing issue I’d like to discuss, and that is illegal immigration. As someone who lives in Arizona and is from a family of immigrants, I appreciate your bipartisan bill to reduce the pressure on immigrants, however, I simply would wish to urge more urgent action. With Joe Arpaio running for Senate with an intention of never backing down as well as an increased crackdown on immigrants with the opposition of DACA, I simply believe that more measures to protect Dreamers would be in the best interest of our society.
Many people I know are here in the United States due to DACA, and simply protecting them would be in the best of our interests as these are hard-working people who positively contribute to society and simply expelling them would not only destroy their lives, but limits their potential to do good here.
I thank you for all that you do, but there is always the potential to do more. Especially now, more than ever.
For the Next Generation,
Ashna Yakoob
This letter has been edited by Editor Mateo Portelli
Image Credits: By United States Congress [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons