Members of the Milpitas High School Chapter of Next Generation Politics gathered at the Milpitas Public Library on October 7th, 2017, to discuss how to promote bipartisanship on the federal level of government and create compromise in areas such as media, abortion, and gun control. The conversation began on perceived biases in the media as well as apparent biases that certain sects of the media market to be well and fair. Most participants agreed that it would be difficult to eradicate “fake media” entirely, and rather the problem lied in the viewers who believed this media and used it to shape their opinions.

As the topic switched to abortion, most agreed it was a contentious topic on which the debate relied heavily on the contemplation of where the beginning of life was defined. As some reasoned that faith was a key component in determining one’s stance on abortion, others agreed, but in this particular discussion, discussants concluded that the decision should be up to the women. Statistics of the amount of legal and illegal abortions conducted in California and across the United States were also examined.

Overall, the discussion was a meeting of young, soon to be constituents who have not quite solidified their stance on all issues, making arguments from both sides of the aisle important to consider. As more NGP discussions take place, Milpitas NGP hopes to more deeply understand practices and policies on all levels of government, and positively contribute to the exchange of ideas constantly taking place in the United States.