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Members of the Milpitas High School Chapter of Next Generation Politics gathered at the Milpitas Public Library on October 7th, 2017, to discuss how to promote bipartisanship on the federal level of government and create compromise in areas such as media, abortion, and gun control. The conversation began on perceived biases in the media as well as apparent biases that certain sects of the media market to be well and fair. Most participants agreed that it would be difficult to eradicate “fake media” entirely, and rather the problem lied in the viewers who believed this media and used it to shape their opinions.

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On October 4th, 2017, the NGP Wood River High School Chapter of Idaho held a student forum with Idaho Senate Minority Leader Michelle Stennett (D – Ketchum), who serves in the Idaho Senate as a representative of the Wood River High School Chapter’s district. Students were invited to ask questions and discuss local issues with Senator Stennett. With almost twenty students attending, the event opened with Senator Stennett explaining her background, which prompted multiple questions on how she became interested in politics, considering Senator Stennett did not originally set out to become a politician. Members learned about what day-to-day life is like as a Senator, and they were surprised by the amount of research and work that has to be done to succeed in the job!

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John Liu was a New York mayoral candidate, worked as the 43rd NYC comptroller, served on the NYC council representing 20 districts, and is currently a political science professor at Columbia University. This video interview was conducted on 9/27/17 by Jonah Im and Kasim Waqar, the Co-leaders of the Half Hollow Hills High School East Next Generation Politics Chapter.

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On October 5th, a Missouri Chapter of Next Generation Politics held a forum with Missouri Senator, Ryan Silvey. Senator Silvey is the senator of Missouri’s 17th district, and he, among other positions, is Vice-Chairman on the Committee for Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight; he is also a member of the Progress and Development, Veterans’ Affairs and Health and Appropriations Committees. At this forum, members of Missouri NGP had the opportunity to ask Senator Silvey their questions. Here are some major takeaways from the night:

Senator Silvey makes a true effort to practice bipartisanship in the Missouri Senate. One piece

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Futurism is an online news source that covers breakthrough technologies and scientific discoveries that will shape humanity’s future. Reaching tens of millions of readers every day, Futurism is well on its way to empowering its readers with critically important information that will shape the future. 

Next Generation Politics had the pleasure of interviewing Futurism’s Editor-in-Chief Jolene Creighton to discuss what Generation Z should be aware of as science and technology continue to advance at exponential rates.

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While Next Generation Politics always strives to demonstrate that the next generation of citizens and public servants can lead by example, it is, of course, necessary to understand and learn from successful leaders of today. General David Petraeus is certainly one of those leaders. As the former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) under the Obama Administration and a four-star general, Petraeus is a reflective and experienced individual. In a recent interview with Next Generation Politics, Petraeus provided insight that will surely prove valuable to Generation Z as it embarks on a path of leadership and public service.

Petraeus currently serves as a Partner and Chairman of the Global Institute at KKR, a private equity company. One of my first questions for Petraeus, after he discussed his distinguished career in the United States Military, Central Intelligence Agency, and work with several non-profits and think tanks, was why he never decided to pursue elected office; in his response Petraeus noted that he has done his best to remain nonpartisan throughout his career, especially during his time with the U.S Military and CIA and he maintains that position to this day. Pursuing elected office is by no means

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Earlier this year, the Long Island Association of Next Generation Politics decided to initiate an internship placement program. NGP’s founder, Ryan Adell, spearheaded this program. Experiencing an internship in a government or political office can give young people a holistic understanding of the governmental and political process like no other job can. For these reasons and more, Long Island NGP partnered with community leaders, including Sam Bifulco of Huntington, to offer all of it’s members the opportunity to be placed in a political or governmental internship for the summer. 

Twelve NGP members decided to take advantage of the opportunity. Students from across Long Island were placed in internships – government and political – with elected officials and candidates from both sides of the aisle. The individuals NGP members were placed in internships with include, Suffolk County Legislature Steve Stern (D – Huntington), Chairwoman Toni Tepe of the Huntington Republican Committee, New York State Assemblyman Raia  (R – East Northport), Candidate for Nassau County Legislature Josh Lafazan,  Assemblyman Lupinacci (R – South Huntington), and Assemblyman Lavine (D – Glen Cove). Pictured above are a few of our members who were placed in

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The Anatolian/Asian side of the Istanbul Chapter of Next Generation Politics hosted a Roundtable Discussion among some of it’s members earlier this month. The group centered the discussion around the Syrian Refugee Crisis and it’s effects on Turkey. The discussants noted that they kept the life and health of the refugees of the highest consideration during the discussion, but they also acknowledged the complications the the crisis has caused for their country. As the discussion progressed, the discussants attempted to find solutions to several components of the crisis while reconciling their differing viewpoints. Please enjoy the above video, which is a portion of the two hour discussion that took place.

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NGP Chandigarh held its first event on June 18th, 2017. The event was organized by the chapter located in Chandigarh, India. The participants had the opportunity to discuss, and talk about the need for Judicial Reforms in the country with Dr Kamaljit Kaur, an Associate Professor of Law, who has over 15 years of teaching experience.

The discussion advanced to decipher the facets of Indian judiciary, and how it has become the target of persistent criticism for mounting arrears as well as inefficiency in disposing of litigation in the country. Politicians have become the objects of scorn over time. People in India have come to recognise the importance of judiciary. However, the judiciary is collapsing under the weight of the case load. Ideas, and opinions surfaced as discussion proceeded further. The higher courts have taken on themselves too much, making it impossible for them to render justice speedily and efficiently. Through the discussion, it was highlighted how such absurdities were acting as an impediment to the effective judicial recourse. Excessive case load meant that most orders originating from courts would be by nature of granting stays instead of adjudication, reiterated Dr Kamaljit Kaur. It was

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On July 3rd, 2017 the Arizona association of Next Generation Politics held a Student Forum with  U.S. Senate candidate, Deedra Abboud. As a Democratic candidate, she is running against Jeff Flake in the 2018 election. Deedra is currently a Phoenix-based attorney and founder of the leadership consulting firm, the Global Institute of Solution Oriented Leadership. At this Next Generation Politics Student Forum, Deedra spoke with NGP Arizona members about her candidacy and various issues affecting young people in the state of Arizona.

With a few dozen students in attendance, the event began with Ashna Yakoob, Arizona State Director, and her associate, David Parau, speaking about low voter turnout among youth and apathy among Generation Z toward the political process. Following this statement, Deedra took the floor to make her statement, quickly opening  the floor to questions from NGP members. Several questions about how to build political power for young people were asked. Based on Deedra’s responses, an overarching messages she hoped to emphasize was that “communication is key,” especially among young people and their elected officials. Deedra also underlined the importance to “question everything” and to make an effort to engage

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