NGP Chandigarh held its first event on June 18th, 2017. The event was organized by the chapter located in Chandigarh, India. The participants had the opportunity to discuss, and talk about the need for Judicial Reforms in the country with Dr Kamaljit Kaur, an Associate Professor of Law, who has over 15 years of teaching experience.

The discussion advanced to decipher the facets of Indian judiciary, and how it has become the target of persistent criticism for mounting arrears as well as inefficiency in disposing of litigation in the country. Politicians have become the objects of scorn over time. People in India have come to recognise the importance of judiciary. However, the judiciary is collapsing under the weight of the case load. Ideas, and opinions surfaced as discussion proceeded further. The higher courts have taken on themselves too much, making it impossible for them to render justice speedily and efficiently. Through the discussion, it was highlighted how such absurdities were acting as an impediment to the effective judicial recourse. Excessive case load meant that most orders originating from courts would be by nature of granting stays instead of adjudication, reiterated Dr Kamaljit Kaur. It was brought to the attention of the attendees, how in a large measure, the failure of justice system meant that no citizen could rely on law courts. Participants during the course of the discussion also attempted to understand how the undermining of the sanctity of contracts and agreements has had a very enervating impact on economic growth. Dr Kamaljit went further ahead to emphasize how the failure of the justice system works against public good, and how important it is in today’s age and time for the country to seek judicial reforms. If these challenges are not addressed immediately, the judiciary may also fall in public esteem, adversely affecting the public good.

Dr Kamaljit shared her valuable insight, and lastly, stressed why it was more pertinent to concentrate on specific measures taken to improve judicial efficiency rather than being defensive about the existing problems. It is important to implement effective strategies for proper case management, the law professor justly said. Dr Kamaljit was glad to see young people involving themselves in the political spectrum and discussion, and encouraged attendees in continuing to do so.

NGP Chandigarh is looking forward to organizing similar events and programs, in the coming future.