On October 20th, 2017, members and leaders of the New York Association of Next Generation Politics met with United States Senate Minority Leader Schumer to share the mission of Next Generation Politics, discuss the upward promotion of young people in party leadership and provide ideas on how candidates for office and elected representatives can build a party platform that is more appealing to young people.

In particular, NGP members and Senator Schumer discussed several potential, innovative methods of outreach to Generation Z to stimulate involvement in the political process, despite political preference. Specifically, NGP members expressed their ideas and plans to initiate a “youth advisors” program. This program – run through individual senators –  would allow Senators to listen to and understand the views of their younger constituents, so by the time these high school and college students go through the maturation process, they are already engaged in government and know that their views have been expressed. NGP would like to harness the power of online media and use its momentum to mobilize young people across the nation and play a role in working with individual senators to initiate a wider and more effective “youth advisors” program that generates meaningful results. Furthermore, members shared their views on how to make the prospect of young people frequently running for office a more common reality.

Ultimately, Next Generation Politics is looking forward to its second meeting with Senator Schumer and his staff. As a youth-led movement, NGP is in a unique position to share its ideas on how to reinvigorate party leadership and party platforms to appeal to and mobilize young people, and these are precisely the topics that will be discussed at NGP’s forthcoming meeting with the Senator.