Participate in Civic Forums

In recognition of the breadth of civic breakdown in our country, the degree to which civic education is absent in our schools, and the extent of segregation of students within our diverse and dynamic city, we designed and launched Civic Forums two years ago  Our aim is to bring together racially, socioeconomically, and politically diverse teens to rethink and rebuild civil society through promoting critical thinking skills and skills for engaging with perspectives and life experiences different than one’s own. Participants (called Civic Fellows) from 12 schools in NYC are provided with lively, interactive background resources on each month’s theme to provide foundational knowledge from across the ideological spectrum and to foster initial thinking and dialogue. One Sunday a month, the Civic Fellows come together using a deliberative dialogue framework to discuss issues like Voting Rights and Voter Engagement; Hyperpartisanship and the Politics of Hate; Immigration; Criminal Justice; and Freedom of Expression. We livestream these Forums via Instagram so anyone can participate beyond NYC.

Key 2019-20 Dates: Civic Orientation and Community Building on Sun, Oct 6 from 10AM-2PM plus Civic Forums Sundays, Oct 27, Nov 17, Dec 8, and Jan 12 from 11AM-2PM ET.

Contact Person: [email protected]