In Fall 2019, we launched a “by GenZ, for GenZ” weekly podcast The Round Table, which you can listen to on:

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The Round Table aims to provide a platform for conversation and engagement of civically-minded young people from different parts of the country.  We strive to model civil dialogue across various divides–socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, political, and regional–and to challenge norms and represent all kinds of diversity, especially of perspective and ideas. While an increasing number of teens are listening to podcasts, to our knowledge, there aren’t many podcasts BY teens, nor that really foster the breadth of perspectives we aim to. Please tune in and let us know what you think.

From Fall 2017-Spring 2019, we recorded a “by GenZ, for GenZ” video podcast following each monthly Civic Forum, which you can access below  The podcast includes highlights from the speaker’s remarks, an interview with the speaker, and reflections provided by the podcasters’ and their peers.  The podcasts provide an avenue for continuing thought and conversation. Check out some of our episodes from prior years.