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Photo of Sanda Balaban

Sanda Balaban

Executive Director


Sanda is passionate about helping young people connect their interests and beliefs with how they can make a difference, at and beyond the ballot box.  In response to the complex times we’re living in, the vulnerability of democracy being demonstrated, and the desire to support young people in being on the front lines of change, Sanda is thrilled to be the Executive Director of Next Generation Politics. 

Previously Sanda led a non-profit that partners corporations with high schools to provide 1:1 workplace-based mentoring and after-school enrichment to equip young people from under-resourced communities for postsecondary success. Sanda has directed Strategic Learning Initiatives for Facing History and Ourselves; served in a variety of capacities at the NYC Department of Education, including leading a cohort of 23 secondary schools, being Chief of Staff for the Empowerment Schools initiative, and helping develop and support dozens of new schools; worked in educational philanthropy at The Goldman Sachs Foundation and the Ford Foundation and in program roles with education nonprofits The Teachers Network and the Boston Private Industry Council. She has taught high school humanities and electives in NYC and Boston. 

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