On Oct 21, we launched the 2018-9 Civic Forum series with two sets of talks related to voting. Zachary Roth, Director of Editorial and Social Strategy from the Brennan Center for Justice provided foundational knowledge about the current state of voting rights and voter engagement and Steve Kimbrough and Fred Murphy from the Redistricting Values Discovery Project, based at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, led our Fellows through consideration of a constellation of options for how to redistrict. Small deliberation groups wrestled with these factors and prioritized what factors matter most to them.

Check out video from the keynote here and below, and you can check out snippets from the rich and wide ranging student deliberations via our Instagram account.

Background resources for the session with articles about the youth vote, voter turnout, gerrymandering and redistricting, voting rights and voter suppression, and voting rights restoration can be found here