Start a Chapter

You can create an NGP chapter at your school with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meetings. These meetings would each highlight an important issue in our society: one meeting could focus on gun safety while the next could bring the intersection of technology and politics to the forefront. The chapter meetings can include guest speakers or simply be a space for cross-partisan deliberation in your school community (which so many schools lack). They are around 1.5 hours and meet like a typical school club. While this may seem daunting, we have already compiled myriad resources to start you off. We have an introductory email to your school, a google form for sign-ups, and a template for a ton of meetings such as gun control immigration, abortion, American foreign intervention, technology, and first amendment rights in schools. 


Commitment: Three to four hours per week (could be less if you prefer a biweekly or monthly format– we recommend at least every two weeks to keep momentum going)

Contact person: [email protected]