Summer Civic Fellowship

Apply to be a Next Gen Politics Civic Summer Fellow!

What Is It? An opportunity to come together with civic minded peers from across the country for civic dialogue and deliberation about complex issues from multiple perspectives over the course of six weekly interactive sessions 

Who Is Eligible? Civic-minded high school students from around the country

When Will It Meet?  Wednesdays from 4:00-5:30 PM ET, starting July 15 and ending Aug 19 (6 weeks)

Where Will It Meet? On Zoom

What Will We Do?

  • Build foundational knowledge and skills from and with experts and peers across an array of perspectives through deliberation
  • Sample Topics: 
    • What is Civil Discourse and why is it worth engaging in? (Skill: Deliberation)
    • What would a just and equitable criminal justice system look like and how do we create it? (Skill: System Mapping)
    • Where is the line between free speech and hate speech? (Skill: Media Literacy)
    • How do we ensure free and fair elections that enable all citizens to vote and have a voice? (Skill: Advocacy) 

What Are The Expectations? 

That you 

  • participate consistently and constructively
  • commit to creating and maintaining safe and courageous space
  • be open to perspectives and lived experiences different than your own
  • keep an open mind and an open heart

What Will I Get Out Of It?

  • Expansion of your perspective, knowledge, and civic skills
  • A broader range of friends and thought partners 
  • A certificate of accomplishment for completion of at least four of six sessions

How Do I Apply?  Fill out an application at before Mon, July 6–we’ll get back to you within a week. Any questions? Contact [email protected]