The NGP Team

National Officers

Olivia Becker

Director of Outreach and Engagement

Avalon Zborovsky Fenster

Director of Equity and Inclusion

Zane Kleinberg

Director of Technology

Alexandra Madaras

Director of Publications and NGP Blog Editor in Chief

National Officers Emerita

Sachi Madan

Nick Sawicki

Gracie Ayres-Doyle


Sanda Balaban

Podcast Team

Marc Spenzer Bauzon

Jacquelin Cao

Olivia Becker

Mantra Dave

Jade Lozada

Riya Mehta

Jade Tyra

Destiny Gaither

Social Media Team

Marc Spenzer Bauzon

Dawn Motley

Riya Mehta

Adam Neville

Blog Team

Zara Baig

Culture and Social Justice Contributor

Muskan Bansal

Syndicated Writer

Isabel Blum

International and Social Justice Contributor

Gautami Kankipati

Environment Contributor

Lauren Kirkpatrick

Social Justice Contributor

Jade Lozada

International News Editor

Todd Lu

International and Economics Contributor

Molly May

Social Justice and 2020 Election Contributor

Riya Mehta

2020 Election Editor

Alexandra Madaras

Editor in Chief

Jay Pade

Culture and Entertainment Editor

Jade Tyra

Social Justice and Environment Editor

Chloe Wiley

Congress and Supreme Court Editor

Andrew Zeng

Environment and Science Contributor

Caroline Zhu

Social Justice Editor