August 10, 2018
Ryan Adell
NGP Founder

I’m excited to share with you that Next Generation Politics (NGP) is preparing for what we hope will be our strongest year yet! For our first two years, NGP has been entirely youth-led. For a bunch of high schoolers with empty wallets and big mouths, we’ve accomplished a lot. And if you’re new to NGP, I encourage you to check out our News and Events page to see what we’ve been up to.
It’s now time for NGP to take a step forward in its evolution and expansion. Towards this end, we are merging with Civics Unplugged, a New York-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to empowering young people with an understanding of their roles and responsibilities as citizens. Civics Unplugged hosts Civic Forums to provide a unique opportunity for high schoolers to learn from and connect with each other — as well as with educators and political experts — to explore issues and engage in robust discussion in a fun and supportive environment.
To maximize our impact, we’re joining forces and decided to retain the name “Next Generation Politics” for the expanded enterprise. These changes will allow NGP to begin fundraising on a larger scale, improve its programming, and provide members with opportunities to engage in Civic Forums via live stream and other interactive features. As we move forward, NGP’s chapter network will remain robust and active, our Blog and other media outlets will continue to grow, and new dimensions of NGP will begin to materialize, so stay tuned on this website and our social media for updates.
As I head to college, Sanda Balaban, who you’ll soon have the pleasure of hearing from, will become NGP’s new Executive Director, and she will collaborate with a team of seven National Student Officers from across the country. Sanda has decades of experience in nonprofit, youth, and educational development and I know she will be a powerful ally to the NGP movement. We’re grateful to have her on the team! I will remain involved, and will be a member of the Board of Directors of Next Generation Politics, ensuring that our work is strengthened and sustained.
For now, I encourage you to email Sanda at [email protected] with what you think the future of NGP should look like — anything from a suggestion for a redesigned logo to a personal story that you think is important to share with our members.
It’s been a privilege to lead Next Generation Politics since its inception two years ago. Voices of reason and compromise are often silenced by agents of extremism on both sides of the aisle. But this can change, and the change really does start with you.
Thank you for your involvement in this movement. Long live NGP!