By Contributor Molly May

As an ancient proverb states, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” This mentality is generally used to create a uniting force in order to successfully defeat a common enemy. As applied to today’s political climate, this saying means that the Democratic Party has been taking measures to unite and defeat Donald Trump in the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

It is no secret that the Trump administration has been inspiring division on a national and international scale. Countless examples include the multiple proposed Muslim bans, the promise of a US/Mexico border wall, the detention centers along the southern border, the national ICE raids, the enactment of the Transgender Military Ban, the repeal of the expansion of the DACA program, the failure to support the Equality Act, and the recent rally chants of “send her back” to a Somalian-born US Congresswoman. As a result of Trump’s words, actions, and policy, over half of Americans agree that the current administration encourages division and white supremacy.

In contrast with this divisive atmosphere, the Democratic Party has responded with a united front. Putting aside opposing views on hot-topic issues such as healthcare, immigration, and taxation, the Democratic presidential candidates and their supporters are prioritizing the takeback of the White House in 2020 over the small discrepancies in their individual policies.

As the leading candidate in Democratic nominee polling, former Vice President Joe Biden has been spearheading unity amongst the candidates. Biden’s message is clear: “The single most important thing we have to accomplish is to defeat Donald Trump…there’s not a single thing we cannot do if we do it together.”

This message of unification materialized more clearly this past April when Indivisible released their new “We are Indivisible” pledge. Indivisible is a registered 501(c)(4) organization with the purpose of cultivating and lifting up a grassroots movement to defeat Trump’s agenda and realize bold progressive policies as well as a vision for a post-Trump future. 

The pledge consists of three basic components: make the primary constructive, rally behind the winner, and do the work to beat Donald Trump. To increase the accessibility and simplicity of their mission, Indivisible has broken up each aspect of the pledge and highlighted the responsibilities of both the candidates and of everyday people: 

The first aspect addresses making the primary constructive. The presidential primary election is a cornerstone of our democracy and an opportunity to fight for personal values. The American people have a responsibility to remain grounded and to focus on their shared values and vision for the future, even in the support of different candidates. The candidates themselves have been asked to expand on this by respecting their fellow competitors and inspiring voters with their message.

The next component–rally behind the winner–demands automatic support for the Democratic nominee. It calls for voter enthusiasm, legislative endorsement, and no more “Monday morning quarterbacking.” A divided nation can accomplish nothing; this call for holistic support is vital.

Lastly, the pledge asks that we do the work to beat Trump. The power rests in the people, and Indivisible is calling for a grassroots army to power the nominee to victory. This includes making calls, knocking on doors, and attending rallies. The other prospective candidates are also called to support the nominee’s campaign and do everything in their power to help achieve a victory. 

This is a call to action. In April of this year, Bernie Sanders became the first candidate to sign the pledge and demonstrate his loyalty to a 2020 victory; the majority of remaining candidates quickly followed behind. Many were surprised at the fact that Sanders acted so quickly, as he identifies as a Democratic Socialist and supports ideas that are usually much more radical and progressive than those of his competitors. But Bernie’s immediate decision to pledge his loyalty to the eventual nominee is exactly the kind of selfless, big-picture movement that Indivisible is hoping for.

This is urgent, and this is about our future. Since its release only five months ago, nearly 30,000 voters and activists around the country have signed the pledge, put aside their differences, and turned their attention towards our best chance for a better future. This is about progression, unity, and democracy, and this is why I urge you to take a moment of your time to join the movement and sign the grassroots pledge for a better future here.


Editor’s Note: Next Generation Politics is in no way affiliated with Indivisible. The perspectives and endorsements of this author are the author’s alone.