Write for the Blog

Another incredible platform on NGP is our student-run blog. In collaboration with other talented writers and editors from across the country you can write articles on an array of subjects. It could be an op-ed on the college admission scandal, an article on the shortcomings of climate change legislation, a presidential election recap, or a first-hand account of a protest. The sky is truly the limit. Sections we are seeking writers for (which could lead to editor positions) include the 2020 Election, Congress and the Supreme Court, Economics and Business, The Environment, International News, Science and Tech, and Social Justice. You can also commit to an editing position. Check out a few articles from our blog here.


Commitment: Our full-time contributors commit to writing a minimum of one piece every 4 weeks. Depending on the frequency of your articles, the average weekly commitment is around 2 hours. 

Contact [email protected] with interest or questions.