We are thrilled to have formalized our strategic partnership with YVote through an official merger, marking the next phase of our effort to bolster youth civic engagement on the broadest scale possible.

Both organizations launched in the Spring of 2017 in response to the complex times we are living in, the vulnerability of democracy being demonstrated, and the desire to support young people in being on the front lines of change. Both aim to help equip the leaders of tomorrow for their roles and responsibilities as citizens shaping a more just world. Both are committed to supporting teens from a broad range of backgrounds in grappling with the critical issues of our time in order to become activists and change-makers—and voters! Both very intentionally bring together racially, socioeconomically, and politically diverse teens to engage in deep dialogue about crucial civic issues and to expose them to a range of different perspectives, nurturing their ability to appreciate multiple points of view, promote empathy, and foster civic discourse. Both are led by talented, driven young people who play vital roles in decision-making and facilitating each Forum. While Next Gen Politics on critical-thinking, perspective-taking, and deliberative discourse, Yvote focuses more on activism and advocacy. Together, we are a formidable force better equipped to build a movement of young people committed to building bridges through dialogue and shared action across various divides.

We are also launching an Advisory Board of extraordinary human beings and citizens, and look forward to how they will help shape our future.

Alongside this merger, we have transferred to a new fiscal sponsor, the Social Good Fund which ensures that all donations to YVote are tax-deductible.  We appreciate your interest and support to date, and hope you will consider contributing to our 2020 Vision for Change campaign to support our expanded and enhanced scope of work.

Many thanks for your support to date in building a brighter tomorrow!